Elevate Your Ride: DIY Onewheel Modifications for Customization and Performance


The Onewheel, with its unique blend of skateboarding and surfing, has taken the personal transportation world by storm. But what if you could take this exhilarating experience a step further? Enter DIY Onewheel modifications. Whether you’re looking to enhance performance, add unique features, or simply personalize your ride, DIY modifications offer a world of possibilities. In this article, we’ll delve into the realm of DIY Onewheel modifications, exploring the potential upgrades and customization options that can elevate your riding experience.

1. Enhanced Traction Pads

One of the most popular DIY modifications is upgrading the traction pads. Better grip can significantly improve your control over the board, especially during sharp turns and off-road adventures. You can find specialized traction pads designed for Onewheels or get creative by customizing your own grip patterns. This modification not only enhances performance but also adds a personalized touch to your ride.

2. Extended Range Batteries

If you’re seeking to venture farther on your Onewheel, consider installing an extended range battery. While this might be a more advanced modification, it can substantially increase the distance you can cover on a single charge. Keep in mind that this modification might require technical know-how and should be approached with caution to ensure safety and proper installation.

3. Custom Fenders and Rail Guards

Fenders and rail guards not only protect your Onewheel from debris and damage but also provide an excellent canvas for personalization. Create your own custom fender designs using materials like acrylic or vinyl, or purchase pre-made fender kits that allow you to showcase your unique style. Additionally, rail guards can be adorned with stickers, artwork, or designs that reflect your personality.

4. LED Lighting Upgrades

Take your Onewheel’s aesthetics to the next level by adding LED lighting. Illuminate your ride with vibrant lights that enhance visibility during night rides and add a touch of futuristic flair. LED strips can be strategically placed along the footpads, fender, and wheel wells to create eye-catching effects. This modification not only enhances safety but also turns heads as you cruise around.

5. Upgraded Tires for Diverse Terrain

Onewheels are versatile, but different terrains demand different types of tires. Consider swapping out your stock tire for one that suits your preferred riding environment. For instance, if you’re a fan of off-road adventures, you might opt for a more aggressive tread pattern that offers better traction on trails and dirt paths.

6. Noise Dampening and Suspension Modifications

If you’re looking to fine-tune your ride’s comfort, consider adding noise-dampening materials and suspension modifications. These upgrades can reduce vibrations and noise, resulting in a smoother and quieter ride. Be cautious when making suspension modifications, as they can significantly impact the handling and stability of the board.


DIY Onewheel modifications offer an exciting way to tailor your ride to your preferences, enhancing both performance and aesthetics. From enhancing traction to extending battery range and adding LED lights, the possibilities are limited only by your creativity and technical skills. As you embark on your DIY journey, remember to prioritize safety, carefully research the modifications you’re interested in, and seek guidance from experienced Onewheel enthusiasts if needed. With the right modifications, your Onewheel can become a truly unique and personalized extension of your style and riding experience.


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