Top 10 OneWheel Skateboard Accessories You Can’t Miss

  1. OneWheel Fender: Shield yourself from dirt, mud, and debris with a custom-designed fender that attaches seamlessly to your OneWheel board.
  2. OneWheel Rail Guards: Protect the rails of your skateboard from scratches and dings while adding a touch of personalization with various color options.
  3. OneWheel Pint Handle: Enhance portability and convenience with a specially designed handle for easy carrying of your OneWheel Pint.
  4. OneWheel XR Bumpers: Keep your OneWheel XR protected with durable bumpers that safeguard the board during intense rides and impacts.
  5. OneWheel Float Plates: Extend the lifespan of your OneWheel and prevent wear with durable and slick float plates.
  6. OneWheel Helmet: Stay safe during your rides with a high-quality helmet that provides head protection and peace of mind.
  7. OneWheel Pint Carrying Bag: Transport your OneWheel Pint with ease and style using a purpose-built carrying bag with padded straps.
  8. OneWheel Pint Range Extender: Maximize your adventure time with a range extender that provides extra mileage on a single charge.
  9. OneWheel Fender Delete Kit: Experience a new riding style and increased maneuverability by removing the fender when it’s not needed.
  10. OneWheel Footpad Enhancements: Customize your footpad with concave and grip tape options for a more comfortable and secure riding experience.

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People Also Ask:

1. Are OneWheel accessories compatible with all models? Most OneWheel accessories are designed to fit specific models like the Pint or XR, but some items may be cross-compatible. Check product descriptions for compatibility details.

2. Where can I purchase these OneWheel accessories? You can find a wide range of OneWheel skateboard accessories on the official OneWheel website or through authorized dealers and retailers.

3. Do OneWheel accessories affect the skateboard’s warranty? Official OneWheel accessories generally do not void the warranty. However, it’s recommended to check the warranty terms and conditions for any specific restrictions.


With these must-have accessories, you can take your OneWheel skateboard adventures to a whole new level. From protecting your board to personalizing your ride and ensuring your safety, these accessories are essential for every OneWheel enthusiast. Customize your board, stay safe, and enhance your riding experience with these top-notch OneWheel skateboard accessories today!

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